Dr. Christoph Gekle, Orthopedic surgeon

Name: Christoph Gekle
Occupation: Shoulder and Orthopedic Surgeon
Country: Wuppertal, Germany

I can warmly recommend the posture devices for anybody with backache in sitting activities and unhealthy posture. We also use it in shoulder patients with impingement syndrome to prevent surgery. We as a team use it during work and sports for better core stability and it makes a difference.

Dr. Lutz Graumann, Physioterpaist

Name:  Dr. Lutz Graumann
Occupation: Lic. Physioterapist & Sports medicine
Country: Germany

The Posture Reminder T-shirt, it’s working just like Nietzsche's superego- it is a constant reminder for your unconsciousness to pay attention to an upright posture. Good posture is pretty much the salvation for all major pain syndromes that we face in modern society. The starting point for neck pain, shoulder pain, and low back pain lies in a constant deviation of your posture in combination with the lack of mobility/ range of motion.

The posture reminder will help you to optimize your posture in a matter of days and weeks.

Gabriella follin, ergonomist

Name:  Gabriella Follin
Occupation: Lic. Physioterapist and Ergonomist
Country: Sweden

Getting used to a bad posture means that the body and brain learn that this is normal. You may then need help with posture correction and muscle strengthening exercises to get used to a good posture pattern.

Your body is affected a lot by your posture. A bad posture can adversely affect joints, muscles and nerve structures, but also on internal organs that do not get enough space if you sink.

Since I work with ergonomics, I go to work spaces everyday and see how sitting down 8 hours a day infront of a computer affects the body posture. I always recommend them to use Swedish Posture products be reminded to correct their posture over and over again.

hanne kina lauritzen, chiropractor

Name:  Hanne Line Lauritzen
Occupation: Lic. Chiropractor
Country: Sweden/Norway

I meet many clients daily and I really see poor posture as todays epidemic.  Because of stress, many hours in front of digital devices and lack of movement many people suffer from constant back pain and bad posture. I always recommend Swedish Posture products as a complement to my treatments and for my clients to use in between our meetings. They are great reminders! Awareness is super important to be able to improve posture.