3D Qinematic Posture Scans measuring the effects before and after using the Swedish Posture products.

posture type: Rounded shoulders

Madeleine - a young and athletic lady but with a sedentary office job. She is concerned about her posture.

Effect of using Posture Flexi on her posture?
Scan 1 - without Posture Flexi
 Posture with the trunk leaning backwards, typical of people having strong abdominal muscles, quite unbalanced. She is using big muscles unnecessarily which can be tiring and energy demanding.

Scan 2 - with Posture Flexi
A much more balanced posture, with the plumb line almost exactly over the midline which is much more energy efficient and less energy demanding.

posture type: Hunchback and forward head

Peter - a tall, thin, young  man with postural problems typical of somebody very tall. His hips are forward, he has a hunchback and a forwrad head posture.

Effect of using Posture Flexi on his posture?
Scan 1 - without Posture Flexi
Forward hips and a significally forward head position, with notable kyphosis. This can lead to head aches, pain in the back and balance issues.

Scan 2 - with Posture Flexi
The upper body has shifted backwards and the head is not forward. The chest is lifted a much more closer to the plumb line.

posture type: Sway back and rounded shoulders

Tom - a camera man that carries heavy equipment. He has awkward positions and work infront of the computer many ours.

Effect of using Posture Flexi on his posture?
Scan 1 - without Posture Flexi
Rounded shoulders and a typical swayback with the hips forward to the feet putting pressure on Toms back.

Scan 2 - with Posture Flexi and after using Posture Trainer for stretch and flexibility. 
The sway back posture is much improved, the knees are above the ankle, legs are straight from the knee up to the hips, and the hips, trunk and and head are more vertical! Side bending has improved a lot - Tom is much more flexible.

posture type: sway back and tilted shoulders

Chris - previously active playing football but is now mostly working at his desk. He's concerned about having back pain.

Effect of using Posture Mini gym and Posture Balance on his posture?

Scan shows he's not engaging the muscles around the pelvis and lower back. With the Posture Balance seat which is unstable he's actively retraining the core muscles that control and support the lumbar pelvic girdle. These muscles are necessary to control posture while sitting and standing.


White paper posture flexi

White paper research on Posture Flexi

Research made during 6 weeks with daily use of Posture Flexi harness. The overall conclusion of the study was that the Flexi harness is a useful tool for supporting an upright posture and for learning how to position the body correctly when sitting, standing or walking.