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An evaluation of posture upright effects and user experience of the Swedish Posture Flexi harness.

Read the complete white paper on Posture Flexi written by Anna-Lisa Osvalder, senior lecturer in Ergonomics and has a Ph.D. in injury prevention, here.


An upright posture positively affect body language and well-being. A body support that reminds how to sit, stand or walk upright could be a valuable tool for posture correction.

The purpose of the research study was to evaluate upright posture effects of the Swedish Posture Flexi harness when used over a longer period of time, 6 weeks. Furthermore, the user experience of Flexi, in terms of perceived comfort, usability and ergonomics, was also analysed.

Questionnaires and interviews were used as data collection methods.

The Conclusion

The overall conclusion of this study was that the Flexi harness is a useful tool for supporting an upright posture and for learning how to position the body correctly when sitting, standing or walking. Comfort and acceptance increase over time and after about one month the harness feels normal and easy to use without any noticeable physical discomfort problems, and without any difficulty to adjust it for symmetry and balance.

The Flexi support has shown the following positive effects on upright posture after continues use of six weeks:

• It gradually improved an upright posture by strengthen the back and core muscles effectively.

• It provided symmetrical loading on the shoulders and upper back, and thereby improved shoulder alignment, which can result in relieved stress, tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area.

• It stimulated learning, awareness and understanding of the importance of an upright body posture.

• It motivated conscious adjustment to an upright body posture also when not using the harness.

• It contributed to increased satisfaction of body language and attraction.

Read full white paper here